Malta Dairy Products Ltd. is the leading processing dairy plant on the Maltese Islands. We process, pack and distribute fresh milk and milk products originating solely from the Maltese Islands. Fresh milk is brought in every single day from 89 farms around Malta and Gozo. The milk is not sterilised,  but simply pasteurised to retain its fresh taste and nutritious quality.

Product safety and quality are at the heart of the Company’s culture and relentless pursuit to ensure that all its products are produced in a hygienic and efficient manner.

At Malta Dairy Products Ltd. we pride ourselves in being the leading Cooperative of dairy farmers across Malta and Gozo, with a mission to utilise all the milk provided by our herdsmen.




  • 2017


Following Sir Temi Zammit's discovery that goat's milk was responsible for undulant fever, a milk pasteurisation centre under the name of 'Milk Marketing Department' was inaugurated on the 11th of May 1938. The sale and distribution of pasteurised milk commenced in Valletta, Sliema, Floriana and Ħamrun in special electrically driven vans.


The Milk Marketing Department changed its name to “Milk Marketing Undertaking”.


After World War 2, cow's milk in addition to goat's milk started being purchased by the Department. It was pasteurised and sold in the same way as goat's milk, however the bottles had different caps.


The  whole of Malta was closed for the sale of raw milk. As a result, the sale of raw milk and the entry of goats, which had hitherto been milked at the customer's doorstep, was prohibited.


M.M.U. transferred its obligations and responsibilities to a newly formed private company known as Malta Dairy Products Ltd. (M.D.P.) 2 years later, the brand name “Benna” was launched on the products. Milk in 1 litre carton packaging was introduced to the market and within a very short time, over 70% of the liquid milk market was in carton packaging. The product range continued expanding throughout the years.


White milk in pint cartons was introduced in the market, as well as flavoured milk in litre and pint cartons. Milk in glass bottles was phased out.  A year later, flavoured milk in 200ml cartons was also introduced in the market.


Benna underwent a complete re-branding exercise of its products. The milk carton packaging design changed, pint cartons were phased out and instead new 500ml cartons were introduced. A 3.5% fat milk was also launched in 500ml and 1000ml cartons, as well as milk drinks in 500ml cartons. The new milk drinks were produced with a new formulation without artificial colours and flavours.


As part of the brand's ongoing evolution, Malta Dairy Products Ltd. revamped its product range with a new Benna logo, new packaging featuring retro polka dots and fun designs, the introduction of a Farmer Owned Logo, as well as new products such as pure butter and lactose free irkotta.



dairy farms in Malta & Gozo


local dairy cows


full-time employees


years providing fresh pasteurised milk

Did you know?

“Benna” originates from the Maltese word “bnin”, meaning “wholesome”, and refers to the high nutrient value of fresh milk products


Benna is produced by Malta Dairy Products Ltd., a Cooperative owned by the same dairy farmers who bring the milk to the factory every singly day.
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