Malta Dairy Products Ltd.

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. (M.D.P.) is the leading dairy producer in Malta. The Company processes, packs and distributes fresh liquid milk originating only from the Maltese islands. Milk is collected daily from around 63 dairy farms in Malta and another 32 in Gozo. The milk is not sterilised but simply pasteurised to retain its fresh taste and quality. The brand name “Benna” originates from the Maltese word “bnin” (meaning wholesome) and refers to the high nutrient value of fresh milk products.

Official statement regarding Benna new fresh milk cartons - Malta Dairy Products Ltd.

Malta Dairy Products Ltd, producers of Benna fresh milk has recently changed its fresh milk carton. The new carton is made out of a different type of board and includes a plastic cap. The new board being used in the production of the carton is now an unbleached board which... Read More