Fresh Vanilla Milkshake Lactose Free*

Benna fresh milkshake provides the ideal combination of nutrition and great taste, making it a favourite amongst kids and adults alike. With only 2.5% fat, it is a great source of natural calcium and protein. Its refreshing properties make it an ideal drink both at home as well as when you’re on the go! Benna Lactose Free* Fresh Milkshake starts off as regular cow’s milk. Lactase enzyme is then added to the milk to break down the lactose into simpler forms, glucose and galactose, both of which are easily absorbed in the human digestive system. As nothing else is added or removed, what you get is delicious Lactose Free Fresh Milkshake, just without the lactose*.

All of Benna Fresh Milk is 100% Maltese, originating solely from locally fed and milked cows.


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